53. Pinokkio ( klein ijsje voor jong en oud/ Small ice cream for young and old)   
54. Helado Mixta (Gemengde soorten ijs met slagroom/ Mixed ice cream with cream)  
55. Dame blanche (Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce)  
56. Profitorolles con helados (Profitorolles with ice cream and hot chocolate sauce)  
57. LBS: Crepes Argentina (Crepes with strawberry sauce and ice cream)  
58. LBS: Postre surpriso (Verrassingsdessert/ surprise dessert)  
59. Koffie/ coffee  
60. Espresso  
61. Capuccino  
62. Koffie verkeerd  
63. Thee/ Tea ( different kinds of tea available)  
64. Cafeïne vrije koffie  
65. Carajillo  
66. Mexican or Argentinean coffee  
67. Cafe D.O.M  
68. Baileys cream coffee  
69. Irish-or french coffee